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BOM Items

GWS50GWS50 Member Posts: 111 PRO
Just wondering if it will be possible to group/add same named items in the BOM list. I know the method of working at the moment is to use one item from the part studio to populate the assembly but that's not always that practical when you need to see the same item in different places in the part studio for design purposes.
At the moment I am using the old fashioned method of 'pen and paper"!

BTW...loving OnShape, what a breath of fresh air


  • owen_sparksowen_sparks Member, Developers Posts: 2,391 PRO
    I believe there is an IR for "computed columns" that would fit this need.
    Production Engineer
    HWM-Water Ltd
  • GWS50GWS50 Member Posts: 111 PRO
    I'm not sure what IR stands for
  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 307
    @GWS50 IR is short for Improvement Request.  There is a category here on the forums for the Improvement Requests.  As a Pro user we encourage you to submit your requests as ticket, using the Contact Support option under the help menu.

  • GWS50GWS50 Member Posts: 111 PRO
    Thanks Pete, I'll submit a ticket
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