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Geometric Variants/Derivatives using Onshapepy API

fluvio_lobo_fenogliettofluvio_lobo_fenoglietto Member Posts: 36 PRO

A few weeks ago I posted a few questions regarding the usage of onshapepy. Apparently some changes had been made and now the API is/will-soon-be deprecated.

I was still able to get my program working and now I am ready to share. I am hoping to find interest and perhaps some feedback!
I will continue to develop the program and update the GitHub repo.
My hope is that someone can help/guide upgrading the program to the latest clients version of the API, which may have already been released.
Anyways, here is some info. and links...

GEOVAR (Geometric Variations)

The purpose of the program is simple.
IF you have an Onshape part constrained by X number of configuration variables
AND you would like to generate every possible combination of Y values per X variables
geovar will generate all of these combinations and export them as .STLs
ADDITIONALLY, geovar can mesh all of those combinations using TetGen (which the user may have to build in their computer)
will be able to replicate an FEA simulation across all variations (will be implementing this in the coming months)

The link to geovar GitHub Repo
The link to the wiki (sloooowly documenting)
To get started, I recommend using this basic Onshape document that I put together

NEXT Steps:
  1. Get the simulation piece implemented
  2. Upgrade to Onshape Clients?
  3. Add an efficient visualization tool (looking for advice from good pythonistas... or maybe something we can do with Onshape?)


  • Ethan_KEthan_K Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 57
    This looks really neat, @fluvio_lobo_fenoglietto!  I can certainly help you migrate to the other Onshape client, but I recommend holding off until we have a more stable version released (coming soon!). The current version will work, and will continue to work (because we never implement breaking changes to our APIs), but I don't think there is any real advantage for you to upgrade ATM so long as Onshapepy is working for you.
  • fluvio_lobo_fenogliettofluvio_lobo_fenoglietto Member Posts: 36 PRO

    Thank you!
    I wanted to get back to you guys since you helped me last month.
    I will stay with onshapepy to finish the entire program.
    Migrating to clients will only affect my _onshape python module, so any transition should be pretty clean.

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