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bug? or i am doing something wrong? change plane direction axes with configuration

otaolafrotaolafr Member Posts: 108 EDU
i was doing a part (a cone with a box attached) that had the angle of the cone configurable.
the thing is that when go lower than 40° for the angle a plane that i created from point normal change direction and as it change the direction the sketch associated go to somewhere and everything goes crazy.

the point and line for the point normal of the plane is okey in the sketch even after going to 40° is like the normal of the plane changes..... any way to solve this?
(sorry is super difficult to explain) here is a link of the document:
from 50 to 89 everything works great
when i put 40 (didnt look for the limit) the plane 2 change the axes directions and the sketch 3 goes crazy....
as it can be seen in the document, the "plane 2" is in the face of a part, so the sketch 3, i have tried to do the sketch 3 directly in the face is the same result....



  • jakeramsleyjakeramsley Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 628
    Hi Otaola_Franco,

    The issue you are running into has to do with the orientation of the plane you are creating.  Planes have a normal vector that points out of them, and where this vector intersects on the camera decides what the orientation of the plane should be.  What this essentially means is if you are looking at the top view, the plane will be in the same orientation as that view; same as all of the other views.

    The oddity in your case is due to the discontinuity between the Right and Bottom view.

    As you can see in the image above, the alignment of the text is the horizontal for the view.  As the view goes from Right to Bottom, the orientation of the text rotates 90 degrees.

    As you are increasing the angle of your configuration, you are changing the mapping of the plane from Right to Bottom.  The horizontal and vertical swap and your constraints can no longer be solved.

    My recommendation is not to use a plane.  You can use a mate connector, defined in the sketch, and define the horizontal-vertical off of the model geometry.  The orientation of the sketch will be vertical with the green line and horizontal with the red line.  You can align the horizontal of the mate connector with an edge by modifying the definition.


    Jake Ramsley

    Director of Quality Engineering & Release Manager              onshape.com
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