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Is there workaround for Use (project) tool limitation in sketch for projecting organic surface.

The project I'm working on is public https://cad.onshape.com/documents/4e977f253699bbbd0b23d3cb/w/fd565f38410e547989e82d43/e/6c3b4625e540d99ed789541c
I've stored a version project_limitation, and part studio with my issue is called "Part Studio 1".

Now the challenge I have is hinted in the help for use tool, in the Tips section, but I do not clearly what it means "Supported silhouettes include: cylinders, cones, tori, spheres, extruded surfaces, and any surface with one silhouette."

I need to project a face of the part onto a sketch, and it seems to work on "sketch 6", but I get message "Some of the face edges could not be used in the sketch." when I'm doing same on "sketch 7".

I do not see how the planes for those sketches are much different in regard of projecting top face(I'd love to be able to reference the surface by name, but do not know how if possible) . 

Is there a workarond, alternative tool, that can project curved surface onto plane?

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