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Drawing Automation For Configured Parts/Assemblies?

Malcolm_DanielMalcolm_Daniel Member Posts: 57 PRO
Any tips or tricks for speeding up and/or automating drawings for configured parts and assemblies?

One way would be the ability to insert the configuration table (in case that you use classic method of single table driving everything) + labeled dimensions that relate to the config table columns.  Seems like there's an enhancement request here and a post here in which @konstantin_shiriazdanovsuggests this as the desired solution to the poster's request.

The way I'm doing it now is Duplicating the drawing tab for a given configuration then changing the name of the tab, changing the configuration on all views (3 unlinked views...rest are projected), and fixing anything that goofs up.  This is not horrible...but is still time consuming for large config tables and leaves some room for error (i.e. not changing one of the views).  I also haven't tried linking the drawing template to the custom properties yet nor creating the BOM table and parametric notes to make sure everything plays nice across configurations.  If any of that doesn't go as planned, that might be more work/cleanup too.


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