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Featurescript - Evaluate centre of circle

Hugh_GoodbodyHugh_Goodbody Member Posts: 39 PRO
I am embarking on my first custom feature creation! I have run into an issue someone might be able to shed some light on.
I have selected the edge of a circle and would like to get the centre point to place a hole on. I have the below code to evaluate the selected circle:

var circleCentre = evCurveDefinition(context, { "edge" : definition.startVertex });
        var myVar = circleCentre is map;

The first two println ststements give the expected results:
println(myVar) = radius 0.024999999999999994 meter
                          center (-0.10832993533461188 meter, -0.025 meter, 0.08940204711347347 meter)

println(circleCentre.radius) = 0.024999999999999994 meter

However, the last statement returns undefined, but I was expecting the coordinates.

println(circleCentre.center) = undefined


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    MBartlett21MBartlett21 Member, OS Professional, Developers Posts: 2,034 EDU
    you can use evCurveDefinition(context, { "edge" : definition.startVertex })<strong>.coordSystem</strong> to get the coordinate system of the circle. You can use evCurveDefinition(context, { "edge" : definition.startVertex })<strong>.coordSystem.origin</strong> to get the center of the circle
    mb - draftsman - also FS author: View FeatureScripts
    IR for AS/NZS 1100
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    Hugh_GoodbodyHugh_Goodbody Member Posts: 39 PRO
    Splendid, thanks for the advice. Will give it a go.
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