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[ISSUE] Exporting STL with modified configuration

remi_begesremi_beges Member Posts: 5 PRO
I'm trying to export STL of a part with modified values for a few configuration variables, using Rest API with a python script.

My code builds the following URL to request modified STL:

The URL looks correct, I've generated the query params using the encoding endpoint:

->  {'encodedId': 'DiametrePlateau=1200;Pieds_LargeurEncoches=60', 'queryParam': 'configuration=DiametrePlateau%3D1200%3BPieds_LargeurEncoches%3D60'}

However, calling the STL endpoint returns 204 no content, and the returned text is empty.
Removing the query configuration and using default config returns 200 with the proper STL.

Why is OnShape API returning 204 instead of the correct STL ?


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