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welded wire fabric w/ bends

digtalcarbondigtalcarbon Member Posts: 35 PRO
need to make a screen that is shaped like the green object...


  • digtalcarbondigtalcarbon Member Posts: 35 PRO

  • digtalcarbondigtalcarbon Member Posts: 35 PRO
    clipping out...

  • digtalcarbondigtalcarbon Member Posts: 35 PRO
    So the bottom screen is an exact mirror of the top...

    There needs to be a way to make one Part Studio of a right side "fender" then make another Part Studio and ref in the right side "fender" but mirror it so its a left side "fender"  but still have the ability to drill a hole in one side or the other for the one offs that occurs in design....its like you need to make a common "fender" (Part Studio Common?) then use that in various Part Studios for slicing & dicing.

    Another example would be a shipping container.  This would be in a Part Studio Common. This then gets ref into many projects and you can slice & dice it any way you want,   but,  if any improvements are made to the shipping container, which is in a Part Studio Common,  all projects that ref the shipping container will be updated.

    Any BOM would need to recognize that you need to order at least one of the common part no matter how much to cut them up...

  • digtalcarbondigtalcarbon Member Posts: 35 PRO
    This Part Studio Common would also have things like standard products, in this example it would be a sheet of screen...then you ref it in and then bend them up...not needed to remember vendor spacing and such because you took the time to set it up once...

    This would allow vendors to supply their products that can then be sliced & diced by us...

    Also Standard Content like nuts & bolts sometimes need to be modified...

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