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Configurations & their part numbers

Michael_CoffeeMichael_Coffee Member Posts: 90 ✭✭✭
Initially, we were using only one table for configurations. In trying to simplify that process, we are using additional tables, but how does one find out if a part number has been assigned to a particular configuration? I understand the "Configured part properties" tab can be modified to include what you are going to be using so that the drawing properties get populated (one being its part number). However, if I'm in the model and I get the configuration I need, the only method I know for sure where it will be populated is when you create the BOM of your assembly with that configuration. The row for it will be blank (if no properties exist), so how do you find out before hand that it has a number, and if not, how to populate it efficiently? Only method I know go to the configuration, arrange it how you need, then go over to the tab and click the "Add row" icon to populate a row. It will of course be blank, but it will contain the arrangement you need to fill in.


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    kevin_o_toole_1kevin_o_toole_1 Onshape Employees, Developers, HDM Posts: 565
    A bunch of points, the last one may be what you're really looking for:
    • In a Part Studio, you can right-click a part > Properties to see its Part Number.

    • In an assembly, yes the BOM will show it and you can edit that cell directly. This will automatically add a row to your configured part properties table.

    • When manually creating rows in your configured part properties, you don't need to be at the right configuration to create the new row, that's just the default state of a new row. You can edit the values of that row at any time.

    • You can also paste a large batch of data into that table after creating enough rows, from e.g. excel or google sheets.

    • Alternatively, you can use this "Part Number" custom feature to automatically set your part number based on the configuration, no table needed. Note that this custom feature will be overridden by anything you've added to your configured part properties table, so be sure to delete those overrides if you don't want them anymore.
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    rick_conardrick_conard Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
    Kevin,   can you tell me where the "SM-327"  comes from in this script?   I see the remaining parts of the part number come from the configuration input.
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