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OnShape home page and other pages with videos freeze my browser...

mpthompsonmpthompson Member Posts: 2
On my home PC system (Windows 7, AMD Quadcore Athlon II X4 630 2.8 GHz, 12GB RAM with Chrome as the browser) accessing the OnShape home page and any page with a video (such as the tutorials) freezes the Chrome browser rendering OnShape useless for me.  Same problem with Firefox browser as well.  It seems pages that don't have videos such as this forum load fine.

BTW, if I goto www.wistia.com, the system that OnShape uses for videos, my browser experiences the same freezing issues.  This leads me to assume that however the Wistia videos are embedded in the web pages is what is giving my browser grief.

On my Windows 7, Intel i5 based laptop running the Chrome browser everything seems to work fine.

Has anyone else experienced such browser problems on an AMD based PC system?  An ideas on a work around?



  • mpthompsonmpthompson Member Posts: 2
    After a few hours searching with Google, I finally solved my problem of playing embedded HTML5 videos in Chrome, Firefox or IE.  The solution for me was to upgrade my ATI video driver to the latest offered from AMD.  After doing so, the OnShape web site comes up fine.

    I was tripped up because I had never had problems on other sites with embedded HTML5 videos.
  • andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I deplore the way hardware manufacturers abandon users to their fate when it comes to driver support.

    I still recall spending a bunch of money (more than I've paid for any car in the last couple of decades) on a Dell laptop (Precision Workstation M6300) with enough grunt to run Solidworks, (specifically a professional-grade nVidia graphics card with stacks of memory)

    This became a cause for considerable grief, and the waste of a whole lot more time and money, just a year later, when Vista was effectively abandoned by Microsoft, and Windows 7 became the only viable game in town.

    Did Dell honour their obligations to loyal users and come up with drivers for that machine under Win7?
    Hell no, not then, not ever.

    I eventually managed to hack a Vista nVidia driver into approximate shape, but it remained problematic for the remainder of the life of the machine.
    Solidworks, of course, only runs well on a tiny subset of the available hardware, and is also effectively time-bombed AND time-locked, because particular year versions will only operate with particular releases of the Windows OS, as well as graphics drivers. So walking away from the machine meant also walking away from that year version of Solidworks, in which I had a considerable investment of money AND models created.

    This farce was just one instance in a sorry procession of examples as to how modern business models (based on non-optional and intricately interlocking upgrades, on an ever-accelerating rate of churn) turn my stomach.
  • DaleBDaleB Member Posts: 3
    This freeze up happens on my iPad overtime. Pretty annoying. Not sure I understand why, but I've never seen that behaviour before OnShape.
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