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please tell me how to blend the end of the thread (1/12 pitch) into the body of the pin. Thanks.

battiwallahbattiwallah Member Posts: 4

Best Answer


  • battiwallahbattiwallah Member Posts: 4

    Thanks Brian, aesthetics only.   Alibre Design has enables a more realistic termination taper blend (pic below).

       Second question:   Is there a means (on the Onshape helical tool) to specify the length of the helix?  In the my first example above, I had to
      extrude 2 different diameters to get the transition between uncut (1 inch diam) and cut (0.999 inch diam) parts of the pin.
       Is there an easier way?

  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 247 PRO
    @battiwallah - Could you create your helix and then create a new curve attached to one end with a larger radius to create the effect you're looking for? You should be able to create a plane going through the end of your helix, and then create a sketch with whatever shape you want (e.g. straight tangent line, spline, or arc with larger radius). Then when you do a sweep to create your thread, you can have the sweep continue past the helix and "ramp out" of the cylinder. 
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