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Diagonal mate connector (at 45-degree rotations around TWO axes)

iveta_ivanovaiveta_ivanova Member Posts: 7 EDU
I am super new to CAD so please bear with me.
Basically I have to put a flat part (a mirror) at 45 degree angle with respect to both the x- and the y-axes - to make it essentially pointing symmetrically/to the same extent to both the components you see on the left side of the picture below. 
I got the mirror to be at 45 degree angle with the tripod thing (see right mirror below), but then when I try to mate it to the connector shown (the floating one above the surface), it of course lines up with its coordinates and my mirror is flat again (see left mirror). 
So this means to achieve my goal, I would have to make TWO 45-degree rotations along two axes in order to get the mirror to point at the direction I want, but on shape doesn't seem allow this - I believe you can only rotate around one axis when defining your mate connector coordinates? 
I guess the next logical thing to try is to create a mate connector at some 45 degree plane so one coordinate is already at 45 degrees, but in my assembly right now I can't see any suitable way to do that. Also I can't place a mate connect on the mirror in any other way, other than the one shown (or its reverse direction of course). 

I am sure there is some pretty obvious solution I am missing but I am not seeing it at the moment. Any help with be appreciated! 



  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 234 PRO
    If you're able to share what you're working on, you can make the document public, and share a link so others can take a closer look and make solution suggestions for you.

    Its a little unclear to me exactly what you're trying to achieve, but it sounds like you're trying to place a mirror in a certain location and orientation with respect to what looks like a table in picture. What I would consider doing is creating a layout sketch that you can mate to your table. The layout sketch should have a point where you want the mirror located, reference points to attach to the table edge (or other reference part), and construction lines aligned with the desired orientation of the mirror. You can import the sketch into the assembly, fix it to the table in the right location, then create a mate connector at the correct point in your sketch. When you create the mate connector, check the "Realign" option, and then select the line in your sketch to set the correct orientation of the mate connector. Now your mate connector is constrained in 3D face and you can attach the mirror to it. 

    Hope this helps a little bit!
  • iveta_ivanovaiveta_ivanova Member Posts: 7 EDU
    Thank you loads and apologies for the late reply. I was thinking about creating a sketch with construction lines in the direction I am aiming for, but I wasn't sure how it would work: I guess I create it in the Part studio that I have imported in the assembly and it should show up in the assembly then? 
  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 234 PRO
    @iveta_ivanova - you can directly add a sketch to an assembly, just like you would a part. 

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