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Working with individual layers of a multi-layer DXF

ryan_thistleryan_thistle Member Posts: 3 PRO

Our company generates a lot of multi-layer DXF files for circuit board production.  We're transitioning to storing these on our Onshape accounts so that they are always updated.  Part of my job is to create 3D representations of those boards through extruding DXF profiles. and insert them into the design.

The problem I have is that I am only interested in one or two of those layers, and extruding the entire DXF includes a lot of nonsense.  The only solution I've come up with is to take those multi layer DXFs out of Onshape, isolate the layer I want somewhere else, save it as a separate DXF, and bring it back in.  This totally cuts me out of any changes our DXF team might have made and I have to start from scratch on the part if they do change something (and remember to tell me).

Is there any way, either through Onshape or Ares, that I can reference a single layer in a dxf and use that as a sketch for an extrude feature?



  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 355
    @ryan_thistle I created a ticket for you and placed you on an improvement for sketch insert that would allow you filter/select geometry and even down to just certain layers.  Currently today, you would need to have a DWG/DXF for just what you want.  We do have a DWG Editor in our app store from Graebert - Kudo Editor (https://appstore.onshape.com/apps/Design/A6WITSUWP2GZQN5BX6HHCM2TNBVBEDABC34MIUY=/description).  With that application, you could quickly duplicate your DWG/DXF tab, deleted un-needed layers, import that DWG/DXF, and then delete that tab if you don't need it anymore.  

    Also, what ECAD package are you using?  ECAD to MCAD is not usually best through DXF files.  
  • ryan_thistleryan_thistle Member Posts: 3 PRO
    Hi Pete, thanks for the reply.

    Our circuit boards are not actually designed for components, so we can get away with using Autocad for our ECAD work (So, MCAD through and through).  I have an active subscription to ARES so I can evaluate whether or not we can store and edit all of our 2D and 3D cad from one service. 

    I will try your duplication suggestion, thats a pretty good idea.  If possible, I'd love a feature that will not only allow me to import specific layers from a DXF on the service to use for an extrude, but one that will update depending on changes to the source DXF.

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