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Sub assembly in context editing.

douglas_clarkdouglas_clark Member Posts: 11
My first questions in some years, this may be more to do with me not looking in the help properly than anything else, so point me there if it exists...
So I've imported some parts and assemblies from another package, now I have a lot of parts organised into an assembly hierarchy a few levels deep. 

1.  I'm tying to work on say a 3rd level assembly but do that in the context of a higher level assembly. So how do I do that?  Go into the higher level and do something to enable editing of the lower level assembly or reference the higher level into the lower level?  Sorry I'm floundering with that.

2. To reference in a part or assembly it's insisting I create a version. Versioning is a great feature but at this point its a total pain, I'd like to turn it off so changes made at a part level cascade all the way through with out having to make a new version of the part, then the sub assembly etc. etc.  Again I assume I'm doing it wrong, rather than it being some sort of limitation.


  • douglas_clarkdouglas_clark Member Posts: 11
    I fouund the answer to question 2 in the help, so I get that now.

    Still stuck on 1 though, but maybe I can explain the question a bit better now...
    1.  I wish to place parts in assembly C.  I have the parts already in their own part studios.
    2.  But I also need to see assebly B at the same time to get the parts in C in the right place.
    3.  Both B, C, D etc. are assemblies that are part of assembly A.  Therefore I do want to insert B into C as then it'd be twice in A.

  • tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 553 PRO
    @douglas_clark - I think you should be able to simply add the parts in your top-level assembly (A) and then mate them as you wish. Then, in the assembly parts list, drag-and-drop the part into the appropriate sub-assembly. 
  • douglas_clarkdouglas_clark Member Posts: 11
    edited October 2019
    OK the dambass bit I was missing was this button from the asembly level.:

     Create Part Studio in Context

    The tip above helped also, now I'm off and going.

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