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Fast access to FeatureScripts on mobile

steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 1,070 ✭✭✭✭
edited November 2019 in FeatureScript

I think the way Onshape has incorporated FeatureScripts has worked well overall.

But with regard to Onshape on the iPhone (& Android) in particular, I do think there can be a big speed improvement regarding how one accesses FeatureScripts.

I only use Onshape on my iPhone. On my iPhone, it takes me a while to scroll through over 100 FeatureScripts.

I noticed in the latest update that now you can drag your FeatureScripts into a particular order on the desktop. That’s great. That would certainly be a big improvement on the iPhone provided every time I install a new FeatureScript, it would not rearrange the order of what I’ve already arranged. As is, one reason why it takes so long to look through this long list, is when I add or update a FeatureScript, it often rearranges the entire list

When I add a new FeatureScript, it should come at the very end of the list — and then I should be able to drag it to wherever I want.

I once suggested being able to sort FeatureScripts by a keyword on my iPhone. I’ve changed my mind about that. I think I have a better solution, and that is —

  1. BEING ABLE TO MAKE FOLDERS within the Features pulldown window where all the 3D tools reside,
  2. then, being able to name the folder(s),
  3. and being able to drag a FeatureScript into whatever folder I want.

With this in mind, I would be able to name one of the folders WOOD for instance, and then I could drag the 5 or 6 FeatureScripts that are applicable into that particular folder.

I should be able to make as many folders as I want.

This would save me time from scrolling through this long list of FeatureScripts and having to read the name of each FeatureScript in a row, and then having to go onto the next row, and the next row, so on and so on ...

With this method, I have absolutely no doubt that I would be able to get to a particular FeatureScript much faster.

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