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Custom BEAMS profiles in configurations

When using a combination of standard  BEAM profiles and custom BEAM profiles in the configuration of a frame the custom profile is accepted in the configuration. However, when you then change the custom profile back to a standard profile it fails and you get an n/a result. 

It appears that when a custom profile is added to a configuration the BEAMS feature fails to create a link to that custom profile (there is no blue underlined link to get back to the BEAMS dialog box). 

A workaround is to add a copy of the BEAMS feature to a document - add the custom profiles to the copy of the BEAMS  feature  - version the copied feature – add it to the toolbar and remove the existing one (you do then get a link in the configuration).

The drawback is that this copied BEAMS feature will not update when there is a new BEAMS version unless you copy the new version and copy and paste the custom profiles to that - all a lot of work. 

 It appears that this can all be avoided if it is possible to make sure that a link is created to the custom profile when it is used in a configuration. 

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