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Can't draft extrude more than 0.3 degrees

wouter_visserwouter_visser Member Posts: 14
I changed something early on in my document and now an 'extrude'-feature won't generate because adding draft isn't possible. The draft in the feature was 0.6 degrees, now I can't move it past 0.3 degrees or the feature doesn't rebuild anymore. Link: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/3fef3940732ee330e324ea53/w/ec24477d8c988283fd97040d/e/a75ed7f9c3822caba4fe1967?configuration=List_Qee9e5aX9ZJzq7=Default

The feature is called 'mounting rib front part'. Does anyone know what prevents Onshape from adding more draft here? 


  • John_P_DesiletsJohn_P_Desilets Onshape Employees Posts: 96

    Try using the draft feature instead of extruding with draft. Here is an image of what I am referring to.  

  • wouter_visserwouter_visser Member Posts: 14
    Thanks! That allowed me to see what part was the problem. I did the draft in multiple features and now I can get the angle way higher than the previous 0.3 degree limit. Still don't understand why there's a limit to the amount of draft when doing large parts in one go.
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