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Interference or tesselation issue?

tony_459tony_459 Member Posts: 206 ✭✭✭
I noticed a part sticking out of another and thought I had interference... but when I used the interference tool, the results said no interference. A section view shows the red we've come to expect from interference, so I'm wondering: could this "interference" be the result of low tessellation? Tesselation is set to Auto, meaning that Onshape adjusts it as necessary to keep up performance (is my understanding). Low tesselation will cause vertices to seem misaligned when in fact they are not (as smooth splines and arcs are rendered as rough polylines, say), so I'm wondering if the interference red I see in cross section is just another effect of low tesselation. Thanks!!!


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    EvanEvan Onshape Employees Posts: 62
    @tony_soares459 - You are likely correct in your assumption that this is a tessellation issue.  The tessellation is merely an approximation of the underlying geometry, and geometry from adjacent parts can appear misaligned (especially when zoomed in).  The interference detection tool should give you the ground truth with respect to interfering bodies.

    If you want further assurance, you could manually set the tessellation quality of the relevant parts to "Very fine" in the appearance dialog.  This will add some expense to the rendering, but it will give you a more accurate representation of the surfaces.  This will likely reduce/remove the interference highlighted by the section view.  Once you're satisfied, I recommend setting the tessellation quality back to "Auto" to help maintain performance.
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