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Positioning parts on Curved Patterns

going_alonggoing_along Member Posts: 11
I want to position non-symmetrical shaped clip pieces along a curved path. My problem is how to position the starting piece, define the spacing and number of repeats.

In my test example I created a simple box at the centre of my curve and repeated it along a curved path. Central positioning makes it straightforward to achieve initial alignment. As you can see the pattern is extended for the full length of the path, so I need to start at one end not the middle. If I start at the end what is the best way of achieving initial alignment (on the curve) and how do I prevent the last piece from over-running the end as I find that the pattern tends to exceed the curve length by one unit.

Or is there a much better way altogether?

My thanks.

Best Answer


  • going_alonggoing_along Member Posts: 11
    Thanks mahir, you provided a solution for the example I gave, but though it is not an issue for me right now it would be good to know how to achieve what I needed for a curved pattern. I probably need to spend more time experimenting.
  • mahirmahir Member, Developers Posts: 953 ✭✭✭✭
    In general, you would just need to tweak the position of your seed part relative to the end points of your curve.
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