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Access 'Display States' from View Only Menu bar

bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 842 EDU
A great thing to keep in mind when thinking about your technical documentation is that the Explode view can be shared/seen across view only links, just like a lot of other aspects to Onshape.

One thing to consider taking advantage of is the following workflow:

1) Display States to hide casings or specific parts not necessary for the steps or instructions
2) Named views (from the secondary view cube) to set the proper viewing angle to capture the correct visual information
3) An exploded-view that takes advantage of 1+2 to then be utilized in drawings or for a 3D visualization.

This is a very flexible work flow.  For View Only Documents:  The Named views is in View Cube and Exploded is in the Simple View Only Toolbar.  HOWEVER - I do not see 'Display States' available on a view only document.  Or am I missing it?  The new explode function begets having all three of these functions in the View Only Toolbar.

NOTE: I copied this from the 'Improvements to Onshape February 17, 2020' thread to isolate discussion.  blw
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