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Hex infill - but for cylinder / curved faces

stephen_allenstephen_allen Member Posts: 11
edited March 3 in Community Support
Hi all,

Edit: the document in question (where there is a drum wall to try this on) is this one.

I'm creating a drum magazine for nerf wars. I'd like to use some hex pattern for lightening / decoration - because: 3d printing.

I'd like to cut hex pattern part way into the exterior of the outside of the drum, and the whole way through the drum centre support (which will be 24mm cylinder, or a lofted hourglass type shape with 24mm at each end).

I've seen tutorials for the hex infill script, but only for planar surfaces. Similarly, I've seen the hole pattern used on cylinders, but not to create a hex pattern (circular holes are hard to print due to the overhangs near the top).

Am I missing something, or is what I'm trying to do just really hard?

Kind regards,



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