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User Error Modeling w/ Projected Curves

ALABALAB Member Posts: 2 EDU

I can't figure out why these two sketches don't create a proper projected curve: 

It's my understanding that to create a projected curve sketches must have intersecting vertices and be on different planes.  My goal is to model curved, organic looking surfaces from top and side views via imported DXFs from Adobe Illustrator (as these sketches were).  

Can someone please explain what's wrong with my setup or my logic? 

Thanks forum!



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    mthiesmeyermthiesmeyer Onshape Employees Posts: 115
    Hi @ALAB,

    I was able to get pretty close here but it didn't like some of the end conditions and I had to omit some of the terminal edges (notice that the projected curves don't quite meet properly). I hope that helps!


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    ALABALAB Member Posts: 2 EDU
    edited April 2020
    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for giving it a shot. Yeah through trial and error I also had limited success creating a projected curve. I tried using bridging curves to fill in the blanks.  Then created compound curves from 3D splines that used the projected curve as a skeleton (closing the 3D splines rounded the shape too much).  I was able to loft these surfaces into a solid, but the shape and process is too hackey to be reliable.  Using a combination of chamfers and fillets to curve the remaining hard edges errors out unless the radius is super small.  Not the shape i want but the closest I could get.

    If projected curves are the best way to do this, maybe someone knows what exactly is wrong with my process.

    Or maybe there is a better, repeatable method that will let me create curved solids from illustrator DXF files.  

    I'm open to suggestion here - anything is better than losing hours of time and still not having a repeatable process.

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