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parametric curve inputs

I am trying to create a parametric curve based on a set of equations. I am having trouble getting things right. I believe there is an issues with the units but I just cant seem to figure it out. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!! thank you! See pics

x = (sqrt( 9^2 + 12^2 - 2*9*12*cos(#t*deg))*cos((asin((12*sin(#t*deg) / sqrt( 9^2 + 12^2 - 2*9*12*cos(#t*deg)))*deg)*deg - #t*deg)))*in

y = (sqrt( 9^2 + 12^2 - 2*9*12*cos(#t*deg))*sin((asin((12*sin(#t*deg) / sqrt( 9^2 + 12^2 - 2*9*12*cos(#t*deg)))*deg)*deg - #t*deg)))*in


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    zachary_reinkezachary_reinke Member Posts: 2
    Nevermind, I figured it out! ... yeah i'm that guy :)
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    joey_deimanjoey_deiman Member Posts: 2
    Nevermind, I figured it out! ... yeah i'm that guy :)
    You are most certainly "that guy", that says its fixed without telling the Googlers what was wrong.
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