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Kinematics curves / Forces and Torques curves of an OneShape assembly ?

guillaume_martinguillaume_martin Member Posts: 9 EDU

In the french schools, we used to draw with SolidWorks, and then use "Meca3D" to draw the curves :
- Kinematic position, velocity, acceleration (linear, angular) ;
- Forces and Torques

Ex : https://www.lynkoa.com/sites/default/files/questions/answer/03/03/2017/tableoscilante_2.jpg

But I want to introduce OneShape in our Schools, it has so many avantages for us !

Is it possible to have the position/velocity/accelerations or forces/torques in OneShape, or in an associated online tool ?
Simcale is very great ; it does a lot of thing but not that !

Thank you in advance for your advices :-) !


  • konstantin_shiriazdanovkonstantin_shiriazdanov Member Posts: 997 ✭✭✭✭✭
    For kinematic trajectories you could use Curve generator, but it wouldn't help with velocities and accelerations. For visualizing dependencies there is Tracer feature, it makes graphs for the dependencies of driven parameters from driving ones. Both features are mostly for planar mechanics analisys.
  • guillaume_martinguillaume_martin Member Posts: 9 EDU
    @konstantin_shiriazdanov thank you very much ; maybe it will be usefull one day !
    (But I won't be enought for what I need in class today)
  • guillaume_martinguillaume_martin Member Posts: 9 EDU
    edited April 11
    To be clear I'd like to have somethink like this in OneShape (or in Simascale or everywhere else in the web !!):

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