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Boolean Help Enquiry

thomas_veryardthomas_veryard Member Posts: 2
Hey there,

I'm trying to create a simple join connecting the lower spindles of this chair to the rear and front uprights using the boolean tool and derived parts but am having some trouble. I have managed to use the boolean tool on the rear uprights to create a hole for the spindle (shown by the part exploded view below) however when I try to do the same in the front upright part studio it tells me I can't because of cyclical references.

I managed to join the seat spindle manually through exact measurements however haven't been able to accurately join the lower spindles this way. Is there a way in which I can use a boolean remove again the same way for the front uprights?

(The bottom image shows where the lower spindles need to be inserted into the front uprights)
I'm looking to


  • Eric_GauthierEric_Gauthier Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
    Are you trying to remove the part indicated in orange from the part indicated in blue?

    Can you share the link to your document?
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