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ReShape - Webpage key remapper

thomas_aathomas_aa Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
edited May 2020 in General
As a keyboard-primary user, I finally got annoyed enough on the (lack of/badly mapped) shortcut keys in Onshape:
  • "Select other", which is very handy, does not work with Swedish Dvorak layout, as  ´  is not available as a non-modified key in the layout (and hence no matching Javascript keycode/"event.which" [1] ).
  • "Keyboard shortcuts" does not work with Swedish QWERTY (!) as  is not available as a non-modified key in the layout.

I started with a tool for Linux [2], remapping keys sent to the web browser, but I figured I could solve it in the browser. So after a weekend of coding:

Enter ReShape. A bookmarklet (and beta userscript) to remap keys on webpages:


Here is my remapping of keys for Swedish QWERTY:

[1] http://keycode.info/

edit. Example of mapping F2 to Shift+N (Rename)

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