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Can we see Document regeneration time

Evan_ReeseEvan_Reese Member Posts: 239 PRO
I often use the regeneration time tool in Part Studios, but I also commonly use a master model approach where many studios are related. That means a change to the top-level can cause several Part Studios to rebuild at once. Is there a way to see that total time and maybe see which Part Studios are causing the biggest issues with rebuilds, or do I have to look at each studio individually?
Evan Reese / Agency Owner and Industrial Designer
Website: fractalmade.com
Instagram: @evan.reese.designs


  • lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 528
    This information is not currently available. Please make an IR. It is difficult to provide this information and not cause performance degradation. Currently if you modify a base part studio and don't have a derived one loaded ( directly or in assembly) the derived part studio data is not needed, so it does not get regenerated. We eventually update the derived part studio thumbnail, that'll be the time when we can have an accurate regeneration time info for it. Would you be satisfied with this data updating at its own pace? 
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