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RealityServer for Onshape Update 2.0.1

Paul_ArdenPaul_Arden Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 152
We have recently pushed out a new update to the RealityServer for Onshape application, we've labelled this release v2.0.1. This adds new features and fixes several issues reported by users. Here's a quick rundown of what is new.
  • The scene editing page will now timeout if left idle for 30 minutes. Another 5 minutes after that your server will be automatically stopped. When the timeout occurs your work is automatically saved and a message will be shown telling you the name of the saved scene. One of the most frequent complaints we get from users was that they accidentally left the application open and it consumed a lot of their hours (for example if left open overnight). Now at the most you would see 35 minutes of usage after you left it idle. We experimented with different durations, however settled on 30 minutes as being the most appropriate. Onshape itself uses 60 minutes, however there is no concept of usage time in Onshape. This has no impact on the 5 minute idle timeout on the dashboard page, that continues as before.
  • We have added 283 new HDRI lighting environments to the library giving a total of 388 now. We have now also gone through every single one of them and adjusted their default brightness to give the best results when using them without needing to tune the brightness values.
  • When you click an item in the scene rendered viewpoint the scene graph on the left will now automatically expand to the level containing the clicked object and select it in the scene graph. This makes it much simpler to find objects in the scene graph by visually clicking them.
In addition to these new features we have also fixed a number of issues, here are the most relevant ones.
  • The Render to Onshape option which renders an image and saves it in your Onshape document previously could be unreliable. We have finally isolated the reason for this and it should now reliably save your rendered images back into your Onshape document.
  • There is now additional information in the usage tooltip on your dashboard showing how much of your usage was covered by your free subscription time.
  • An issue where the 2 hour monthly free subscription limit was not being enforced has been fixed.
  • Using double quotes in Part, Part Studio or Assembly names could create issues, these are now replaced with a UNICODE double prime character instead.
  • If switching to a named view that was converted from Onshape which has section planes to the _Default View_ then the section planes would not turn off. This has been fixed.
  • When using the Update from Onshape option to refresh a scene where the Part Studio has named views you could end up with multiple copies of the same camera in your scene graph. This has been fixed.
Under the hood we have also made quite a few changes that don't directly affect this release but lay the ground work for future updates and features we are currently working on. Of course if you experience issues with the new release be sure to reach out, ideally through the built in Onshape support mechanisms since that automatically tells us what browser you are using and your account details so we can look them up.
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