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Show/Hide behaviour of Sub-assemblies in an Assembly is confusing.

paul_brittonpaul_britton Member Posts: 36 ✭✭
I first raised this as a bug with support, they said "it's the way it is, raise an improvement request if you think it should be changed", so here it is.....

In an assembly containing a Subassembly, if you hide all instances in an assembly from the lefthand Instances list, you can selectively show instances again by clicking the eye icon, but clicking the eye icon for a sub-assembly doesn't show the sub-assembly, you have to expand it and click on each eye icon in the sub-assembly.

If in Assembly 1, I right click Part 1 and select "Hide all instances", they are all hidden.

I would expect both Part 5 and Part 6 to re appear when I click the eye
icon on Subassembly, in the Instance list, but it doesn't, it does nothing.

You have to Show the Subassembly AND  go inside the subassembly to re show each item individually.

What if it was a 100 part subassembly? The only way to re-show
Subassembly in-toto is to "Show all instances".

It looks like "Hide all instances" is altering the show/hide state of the
parts inside the sub-assembly, instead it should just affect the sub-assembly show/hide 

Document is here for you to try it out.....

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