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Right click with Apple Pencil

nyholkunyholku Member Posts: 58 PRO

is there a way to access the "right click" menu with Apple Pencil on iPad?

Love the pencil and Onshape but bringing up the menu with two fingers is, well, uh, 'not optimal' .

What I think would be great that putting a finger (thumb)  of the left hand on to some specific screen
lock and then clicking with pencil would bring up the menu.

Similarly dragging with thumb down + moving pencil would be great to the move  view around.

Rotate with pencil is great, so why not bring that convenience to zoom and pan as well.

cheers Kusti


  • raviravi Onshape Employees Posts: 20
    Thanks for the feedback. We will explore options to make it easy to work with pencil. Do send us your feedback using contact support link in the product. That helps us to plan new features.
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