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Using Onshape for VEX robotics class

jim_reillyjim_reilly Member Posts: 3 EDU
I am working on cad lessons for a new robotics class we plan to offer this fall. I hope to use Onshape to implement the cad lessons for the VEX EDR curriculum and VEX V5 STEMlabs lessons. Any suggestions or pointers to existing examples would be much appreciated.


  • doug_smith714doug_smith714 Member Posts: 6
    I've used Onshape with a students a few times.  What I did each time was just walk through some basic part building, something like the following:
    1. everyone press the sketch button
    2. draw a rectangle
    3. extrude the sketch
    4. do another one, but let's use some dimensions
    5. create a hole
    6. Make your own model with these requirements (size of block, location of any holes or extrusions)

    For simple part building, this simple scheme pretty much works for all students.  Some students will have already done some 3d modeling and will immediately be skipping ahead.
  • marcus_bernsteinmarcus_bernstein Member, User Group Leader Posts: 35 EDU
    edited July 2020
    Do a deep dive of the VEX EDR parts libraries out there. Some really great mentors and students from several teams have put together just about every VEX EDR (and probably V5) part into Onshape with clean names, appearances, weights, etc. I love Onshape as much as the next forum user, but know that there are definitely some other options for digital design of vex parts, especially if you want to limit custom building that might not be viable in-classroom.
    Any chance Onshape is looking for interns?

    Philadelphia User Group Leader
  • jim_reillyjim_reilly Member Posts: 3 EDU
    Thanks for the guidance. I think I am moving forward with onShape using some of those libraries... Based on input from my industry contacts they feel my students will be better prepared if I introduce them to onShape so that is what I am focusing on.

    Again, thanks for the assistance,
  • terry_brileyterry_briley Member Posts: 3 EDU
    New user here, because of COVID.  I am in the same situation.  I just downloaded the Fusion 360 files.  Should be able to convert them into .stl files to use in Onshape and 3D printers.  Also, there is a link in AutoDesk that walks the student through using Fusion 360 and making an assembly file.  I am going to challenge my advanced students to make a robot using these files using Onshape.  
  • jeff_oestreichjeff_oestreich Member Posts: 1 EDU
    I teach vex robotics and have been making tutorial videos if you want some of them. Just email me and ill send them to you
    [email protected]
  • sanjay_yadav424sanjay_yadav424 Member Posts: 2
    Hello All. I'm mentoring a high school robotics team for VEX V5. Do you know how to upload VEX V5 parts files into OnShape before we can assemble the robot? Is there parts file available on VEX 
  • Alex_KempenAlex_Kempen Member Posts: 197 EDU
    The VEXU Robotics team I'm on keeps our VEX V5 part library here:
    If you want to create your own, we imported most of the parts from an existing Autodesk inventor library, then fine tuned things from there. Some components, like c-channels, were built natively in order to increase performance in large assemblies.
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