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More options required while applying drafts and fillets in cast parts

shashank_aaryashashank_aarya Member Posts: 265 ✭✭✭
I would like to mention few things regarding drafts and fillets.


  1. Designing of cast parts is one of the challenging task especially when it comes for engine parts such as cylinder block, manifold etc. In such parts parting lines separating the mould cavities are not always straight but most of the times they are non linear, hence in such case straight neutral plane cannot be given.
  2. Currently we can only define straight neutral plane in Onshape. It would be very nice advantage if non-linear parting line can be defined with pulling direction as in Creo. As a work around I am splitting the part multiple times and adjusting the parting line, but it doesn't appear exactly as required.
  1. Most of the times while designing cast parts, fillets are not applied successfully by standard procedure in any CAD tool due to combination of various shapes in the part. In such cases we need to use variable fillets, so this is required in Onshape.
  2. At present we have very less options to define the entities for filleting. We have edges and faces to select. But most of the times it requires to define fillets from face to edge, face to face as in Creo which ensures exact location of fillet.
  3. Currently it is not possible to stop any unwanted fillet transition to particular point as in Creo.
So, would like to see these things earlier.


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