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Adding "notches" to sketches, similar to apparel patternmaking

richard_cole886richard_cole886 Member Posts: 1
Hello, I'm trying to brow beat some patternmaking CAD (Gerber Accumark, StyleCAD, TukaTech etc) functionality into OnShape. Specifically - seam allowances and notches. I've been working on some tent designs and adjusting the model and sketches parametrically and with variables has been great.

Offset works brilliantly on it's own for producing seam allowances. Offset, Extend and Trim simplify quite a bit of work. Notches however require some repetitive work I'd like to automate. I can't quite see a way to do it and have the end results remain a sketch. I can't claim to know the ins and outs of FeatureScript, however I do know FeatureScript does not allow for use of Offset sketch tools.

Example from GerberAccumark

Here's my process on a fake tent - https://cad.onshape.com/documents/e8da964f02644790d023aa55/w/27a6acbca3370a3ead6642b7/e/5fd76aef38939c6a95cc1a34

Create the base pattern geometry. The shallow curves will help get a tight pitch.

Add lines to the outside edges representing notches.

Add seam allowance via Offset.

Constrain lines from the offset edge to the points on the pattern edge (the notches DO align with the sketch and offset lines, OnShape just doesn't render the high radius arc well in browser. Looks fine as a DXF)

This process is tedious, visually cluttered and can't be copy pasted into identical/mated edges without replicating tons of work. The arc opposite of our example needs the same notches.

I feel as though I'm missing a good combination of linear pattern, constraints or FeatureScript to make this much simpler.
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