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Origin Defined Differently in Onshape and Simscale.

Robert01Robert01 Member Posts: 22
I noticed the origin is defined a bit differently between Onshape and Simscale. In Onshape, the origin is defined at the intersection of the (Left, Front, Bottom) planes and in Simscale the origin is defined at the intersection of the (Right, Front, Bottom) planes. This could potentially make things a bit confusing when importing a geometry from Onshape to Simscale. Is there any way to change the default axis/origin point or names of the planes in Onshape to match Simscale since I do a lot of exporting of parts to Simscale for simulations? Thanks.


  • darren_lynchdarren_lynch Member Posts: 1
    Hi @Robert01, firstly, sorry it's been so long (almost three years). I randomly searched SimScale on OnShape. I had never noticed the difference and have used Onshape to SimScale for many years. That said, we defiantly understand the importance of user-definable UI components, and I will add this to the feedback on SimScale's side for our product team.

    I know it's not so clear cut as to what are SimScale and Onshape developments in this regard, and technically it could be either, I suppose. However, in future might be worth mirroring the discussion here.

    All the best,
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