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Off set not working on all lines

edward_owensedward_owens Member Posts: 5
I am new to Onshape and CAD for that matter. When I click on an individual line the offset works on that particular line only and will not offset other lines in drawing. It will do each line individually but not as a complete drawing. The pop-up says "could not offset entities"
thank you pat

Best Answer


  • cyclonewadecyclonewade OS Professional, Mentor, Developers Posts: 53 ✭✭
    Hi @edward_owens ;

    I'll assume when you mention "other lines in a drawing", you are speaking of a sketch.  The offset works such that you select each line segment or edge that should be same offset value and then the offset will do the work of trimming the sketch segments.  If you want to offset a sketch rectangle, then each segment (4 picks of lines) will need to be selected. 

  • edward_owensedward_owens Member Posts: 5
    Wade, thank you for response, yes I am in sketch, I have four lines that make up the drawing and I am picking all four lines for offset. It is only allowing me one or two lines at a time. If I end that sketch and go to another it will allow me to complete the offsets. This does not make any sense to me.
  • cyclonewadecyclonewade OS Professional, Mentor, Developers Posts: 53 ✭✭
    Currently, Onshape requires the lines for offset to be connected.  i would file an enhancement request and see if non connected lines can be selected for a single offset in the future.
  • edward_owensedward_owens Member Posts: 5
     I agree with you on the non-connected lines being updated, but that's not whats happening here. It allows me to only offset a few lines at a time, it's very random and sometimes it will allow three lines, shut down sketch, then reopen sketch and you can do three of four more lines.
    Thank you
  • andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭
    I think what's happening here is that Onshape delivers two different types of behaviour with a lot of sketch tools. Most people know about this for drawing straight lines, but it's not so well known it applies also to the Offset tool.

    When you click and release, you offset a single segment.
    However when you click and drag, you offset all connected entities.

    see this Tech Tip:
  • edward_owensedward_owens Member Posts: 5
    Andrew, thank you, when I click and drag, it splits the sketch into two different segments?
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