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Looking for a Teacher/Class to collaborate with, using Onshape (preferably Russian speaking.)

We are a small team of teachers, opening September 1st a new IoT Systems Engineering high school major in Israel. 
The curriculum (for the first class - 10th grade,  27 students registered, of them 13 Russian speaking students) is based on PTC tools - so first step is Onshape.
We are looking for a team or a class to collaborate with, starting with a mid-scale project (e.g. Useless Box as we saw yesterday in the webinar).

The classes can work together on the Onshape/design phase only, or the whole process - from planning through design and manufacturing to project presentation of the students.

would be glad to hear from you :)


  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 474 PRO
    @uzi_rosen964 I don't speak Russian, but would be happy to collaborate in this effort.
  • uzi_rosen964uzi_rosen964 Member Posts: 2 EDU
    @matthew_stacy that's great! Thanks - let's team up - identify the needs of each and start planning. I'll touch base with you in Email.
    and if there are more teachers/TA who would like to join us - I have no experience in collaboration between classes, but let's try it. Onshape feels like perfect platform for that. 
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