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Participation request for Collaboration Research project with University of Toronto

kevin_leonardokevin_leonardo Member Posts: 2
edited August 20 in General

My name is Kevin Leonardo, and I am a Master’s student of Ready Lab at the University of Toronto, which is led by Dr. Alison Olechowski. We are a group of engineering researchers who study how designers design by observing their methodologies and the tools they use. We have recently been looking at Cloud-based CAD software, particularly Onshape, and how it's used in industry. 

If you or anyone you know regularly uses Onshape at work, we would like to set up an interview with you to discuss your experience with Onshape. We can assure you that we will not ask you to disclose any intellectual property and that the study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board.  

If you or anyone you know would be interested in participating, please fill out this form and we will get back to you with further step. I can then provide further steps and set up a time for an interview.


  • caroline_koenigcaroline_koenig Member Posts: 1 EDU
    Hello Kevin,
    While I am not using Onshape in industry - I am now using it as a pivot point for my remote lab. I have offered Onshape to a group on 40 engineering students and now I am scaling up to 140 students. If I can offer any insight on engineering students using Onshape- please let me know.
    Kind regards,
    Caroline Koenig
    Memorial University of Newfoundland
    [email protected]
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