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Why can't I part mirror an open composite feature/part?

StephenGStephenG Member Posts: 310 ✭✭✭
I am creating a "multi body" model for 3D FDM printing. The bodies have volumes that will have different 3D printing parameters from the main body to create a finished part with the desired properties. 

I need to create a mirror image of the composite part to have left and right variants. However, OS doesn't allow an open composite part to be selected for part mirroring.

Yes. It is possible to part mirror a "closed" composite feature/part, but the resultant exported STL file loses the interior surfaces/facets of the holes and plugs. 

I got what I needed by mirroring the individual part bodies, but I thought I it shouldn't make a difference if the composite part is open or closed.

Note: I still found I needed to export individual parts as separate STL files to get the geometry into my slicer (Simplfy3D). Exporting an open composite part only parsed out the 1st part body of the composite. 
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