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How to merge multiple sketches into a single sketch

addison_young970addison_young970 Member Posts: 2
I need to export my whole drawing into a dfx file but i have multiple sketches and i need all the sketches to be in a single sketch what do i do 


  • alnis_smidchensalnis_smidchens Member Posts: 127 EDU
    There are a few options:
    - Copy and paste from each of the sketches into a new, main sketch
    - Create a new sketch and use the "use geometry" tool to project all of the other sketches into the main one
    - Create a drawing and insert the sketches and export as DXF

    However, I have a feeling there may be a better workflow overall to consider. What are you trying to make/do?

    It's usually easier to model in 3D and create DXFs using the drawing environment. For example, for some laser cut coasters I made recently, I used the split face tool to imprint the engraved design on the 3D coaster model and created a drawing where tangent lines were a different color from the edges so that the laser cutter could tell which were engraved and which were cut.
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