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Sheet Metal Bookend Creation Help?

mark_legermark_leger Member Posts: 7 PRO

Trying to achieve a sheet metal model feature that can be boiled down to something like a bookend.
I've modeled a new bookend to experiment with, but I cannot get the middle tab to form properly.


I can't use a flange as it's 0 degree, and same for @MBartlett21 great Shaped Flange tool.
A sketch was created to then use the tab function, but while the Tab is not coming back with any errors, it's not formed either.

Here's a link to the document:

It could just be how I structured the creation of the part, but any help would be appreciated.



  • MBartlett21MBartlett21 Member, OS Professional, Developers Posts: 1,881 PRO
    Would you be able to make the document public, so we can help you with it. At the moment, it is only shared via link.
    MB - I make FeatureScripts: View FeatureScripts
  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 66 PRO

    I've been wrestling with these same kind of parts lately.  I started with a surface model, made boolean subtractions, and extended a surface boundary before converting to sheet metal.  This gets everything onto the flat-pattern, except for stiffening ribs.

    I added those after finishing the sheet metal.  This isn't a particularly elegant solution, but basically works.

  • mark_legermark_leger Member Posts: 7 PRO
    @MBartlett21 The document in now public.
    I made a new part to show how I tried to used your Shaped Flanges, but as you can see, it will only connect to one edge rather than two.

    @matthew_stacy I will have a look at your document when I have some time today, but glad to see it can be accomplished.


  • bryan_lagrangebryan_lagrange Member, User Group Leader Posts: 302 ✭✭✭✭
    I would make and L shape sketch, sheet metal extrude. Then add a cutout through the tangent of the radius. Finally a tab at the bottom to make the book end shape.

    Bryan Lagrange
    Twitter: @BryanLAGdesign

  • mark_legermark_leger Member Posts: 7 PRO
    @bryan_lagrange If you look at my model, your procedure is exactly what I did!  Only my tab is not forming correctly.
    When you say "through the tangent of the radius," are you referring to the Right Face or Bottom Face tangent in your model?  Maybe my issue is just using the wrong face for the removal sketch.

    @matthew_stacy I was able to make the part using your procedure, but you're right, not the most elegant solution.  

  • bryan_lagrangebryan_lagrange Member, User Group Leader Posts: 302 ✭✭✭✭
  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 66 PRO
    @bryan_lagrange very nice work. 

    Would be great to:
    • Notch the junction of tab and L
    • Link dimensions of Sketch 3 to Sketch 2
  • matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 66 PRO
    I added variables for the key sheet metal parameters so that tab length can be automatically calculated to match the cutout height (includes allowance for bend length).

    Cutout height is also driven by variables. 

    In my opinion this is a reasonably functional parametric model, but it requires a few cumbersome workarounds to make it all work.  I miss some of the tools in SolidWorks, such as the ability to reference every sketch dimension (e.g. "[email protected]"), that would have made this a lot easier.

    I would also like to have more robust sheet metal tools.  Onshape sheet metal seems to be rather finicky about tasks like mirroring and patterning features.  The "Notch" feature in this bookend model is an example.  I had to mirror the sketch entities.  I much prefer to mirror a feature rather than sketch entities.

  • mark_legermark_leger Member Posts: 7 PRO
    Thanks @bryan_lagrange!
    I had used the inside face rather than the outside face for the cutout and now the tab is forming correctly.

    @matthew_stacy I specified Bend relief type in the sheet metal model and it created the notches for me, referenced those in the sketch for the tab.  Did not have to mirror anything.
    I agree though that it would be nice to be able to reference sketches/set dimensions in the flat pattern instead of creating variables. 

    Thanks again for your help guys.
  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 344 ✭✭✭
    edited 4:05AM

    Hi Mark — here’s another way of doing it

    Of course Bryan’s model showed me how to use the TAB tool. So thanks Bryan

  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 344 ✭✭✭

    The above GIF has been edited

    I eliminated a couple of steps (features) of the model

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