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Draft tool

timo_schmidtimo_schmid Member Posts: 36 EDU
Hi everyone,
I hope this is no stupid question, but I don't manage to get rid of red circled part, when using draft.
I would want to angle the surface in the front (just like on the picture), but without automatically extending it over the surface in the back. How is that possible?
(Note: both blocks should remain just one part)
Thanks for your help,


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    BMcGaffeyBMcGaffey Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    Try extruding both of the blocks as separate parts, applying the draft to the closest block there. Then use the Composite Part or Boolean feature to merge the two parts. 
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    Dan_KaneDan_Kane Member Posts: 1
    Alternatively, you can split the top face using the Split feature and apply the draft to only that face. Make sure to de-select "tangent propagation" in the Draft feature.
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    timo_schmidtimo_schmid Member Posts: 36 EDU
    Thanks for your answers.
    @BrendanM, I was hoping to avoid making separate extrudes, but I might have to settle for this solution. Thanks anyway

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    BMcGaffeyBMcGaffey Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    @timo_schmid, I think that @Dan_Kane's solution is more elegant, and leaner! Glad to help out any time. 

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