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Loft does not accept guides -"All guides should intersect each profile boundary"

nozzle_movernozzle_mover Member Posts: 3
Hello Fellow Onshape user!
I have created 1 poly curve and projected it to a parallel horizontal plane. Then I created a vertical plane to sketch 2 guides. The to start the 2 guiding poly curves I used the "use" feature to project the horizontal sketches to the vertical planes. I then bought the endpoint of the "use" projection and anchored the guides to it.

Trying to use the guides in the loft function afterwards gives the error: "All guides should intersect each profile boundary"

To me that seems like a bug or is there a workaround.

Here is the file:


  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 547 PRO
    Here is a copy of your document with a working Loft: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/ef121312d0e604ef811e4184/w/595ea41de7859b6da787f653/e/56e3a5fc8b97daaee5fbfce6

    Have a look at the Pierce constraint.

    Your guides are not correctly connected to your end profiles. The "Pierce" constraint is a good way to do this. Select the point in your active sketch (in this case, the vertical spline guide) and the curve you need to pierce (in this case, the airfoil shaped spline), then select Pierce:

    You also didn't need the horizontal lines in your Sketch Guides sketch, so they've been removed to allow the pierce constraints.
    The loft now completes correctly:

    Hope that helps!
  • nozzle_movernozzle_mover Member Posts: 3
    Perfect. I did not know the pierce constraint. You made my day. Thanks a lot pal!
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