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ANSI Weld Symbol mis-alignment (community feedback needed)

CBowersCBowers Member Posts: 13 PRO
edited October 16 in Product Feedback
I was checking a drawing my coworker had done and noticed the weld symbols were not correct and appeared to be showing a staggered weld (of different weld types). When I went to investigate I noticed that Onshape does not have the symbol origins located correctly. 

The verticals of the fillet and the bevel symbols should line up. Many of the other symbols don't align properly either. This should be an easy fix and I hope it is made a priority. I could have some serious issues if my welders misinterpret what is presented to them because the software has it incorrect. (Edit: Removed AWS D1.1 reference)


  • CBowersCBowers Member Posts: 13 PRO

    It would be helpful to get some community feedback on this after having a conversation with Onshape support and doing more research on how weld symbols are supposed to align, it isn't really 100% clear. A lot of it seems to be left up to interpretation.

    This is an image I marked up with red dots of where I have always understood the origins of welds to be that I provided in my conversation with support.

    This table below is something I found on a forum. Mostly in line with my thoughts, but a few notable differences with the U-groove and V-groove welds.

    Below is an image of how Solid Edge interprets the weld I want to make. Solidworks is basically the same.

    And finally a bunch of symbols someone made for AutoCAD. Again, mostly the same, but some differences with the flare bevel and flange welds

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