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Miniature Calculator Improvement

John_GebhardtJohn_Gebhardt Member Posts: 2 EDU
edited November 2020 in Product Feedback
Hello, on behalf of FTC #2901, Purple Gears, we have a proposal for a new feature that we think would be useful in Onshape

We were thinking of improvements to Onshape and thought of how useful it would be to have a little calculator in the bottom right corner of the screen.
We think this would be useful for not only measured objects in the measuring tool but combining them with other variables and coefficients from outside of Onshape, as well as not having to pull out a calculator or the calculator app on my smartphone. For the feature specifically, we think that it should have a simple keypad, along with a simple arithmetic operation. Also, it would probably go in a tab right next to the measure tab. In addition, we think that the feature should be able to type in numbers with the keyboard, specifically when the calculator tab is selected, so we don't have to click each individual number with my mouse. Another thought that we came up with was the use of measurements using the measuring tab, as variables in the calculator. Say you are measuring along a horizontal plane, then if you highlighted the end of said plane, you could put the selected variable into a computation. You can also expand on this by using units like X, Y, Z, Θ to represent the most recent measurement of that plane. Another strategy is to make a list of the most recent planes measured, and use those in equations and computations.

This feature would be so useful in Onshape, specifically for the people who need to use math a lot in their models, and would be a great source of workflow and ease of access for our team.


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