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handling files

We just got onto Enterprise. There are two teachers. We are wondering why we can see everyone's work. Is there a way to contain student work within the team folder?


  • Domenico_DDomenico_D Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 38 PRO

    Hi @constance_madden

    As an administrator of an enterprise you can see everything in the enterprise. This can be helpful for looking for student work that they have forgotten to share with you. If you sometimes don't want to see everyone's work, you could add a second account for yourself that is not an administrator. You could have students turn in their work to this account. That way you'd still have the administrator account to look for student work/see everything if you have to, and you have another account that only shows you what need to see for your class.

    Teams are just a list of users that makes it easy to share a document or a folder with a lot of people at once. So when you share a folder with a team, everyone gets the same permission to the folder and everything inside of the folder. This means that if you give a team edit privileges to a folder, everyone on the team will be able to edit everything in the folder. If you don't mind students being able to edit another students work, then this is fine. You do have a record of anything that happened in the enterprise and you can revert a document back to the way it was.

    Another way to contain student work is to have the student create a folder and then share the folder with you. Have them do all their work in that folder. That way only you and the student can see their work by default. You will see a lot of folders if you have a lot of students.

    I also recommend enforcing a strong naming convention. Something like [Class][Section][Assignment][First Name][Last Name]. Using a naming convention will allow you to search for all the work that a student has done, for all the assignments in your class, etc.

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