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Can someone please help me with a problem with the Booleen and Delete features?

stephen_dewingstephen_dewing Member Posts: 21

I have two parts of a project which intersect. I want to delete pieces from both parts but it seems that once you have used Booleen once and deleted sections from one part you can't do it again for the other part. For example in this project https://cad.onshape.com/documents/c036f1c05a5e7112845e5e3c/w/d1876ca3cedaa189ae69a6b7/e/48fb3cf9f86ba8227b7f9b45 I have deleted the points of the star that extruded into the outer object, but now I want to delete the bits of the outer object that extrude into three points of the inner part of the star. I don't seem to be able to do it using the same principles with the Booleen and Delete functions.

Thank you in anticipation.

Stephen Dewing


  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 49 PRO

    You may be able to get the result you want by making copies of the parts and doing more than one boolean.

    Alternately, you might get the results you want by removing the tips of the star with a simple cut which is in the middle of the other shape first, then do the boolean.

    These kinds of boolean operations are often more frustrating and confusing when there are surfaces which are coincident (the back of the two parts). Even if that's the end result you want, you might understand what Onshape is doing more clearly if you test this out with the star slightly moved.

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