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HowTo? Efficiently search / skim Public designs selected by a keyword?

KGHNKGHN Member Posts: 2
edited October 18 in Community Support

I'm just starting with Onshape. I want to design a special joystick. When I search Public for "joystick" (or "potentiometer") to see if anyone has already done a design, or a similar design, the list is very long and scrolling is erratic. What's the preferred way to quickly skim available designs?


  • bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 532 PRO

    Not sure what you mean by a 'very long' list - I am only seeing about 30 of each. And scrolling with the elevator bar should work fine.

    To evaluate the designs besides seeing the thumbnail previews, you can see which docs have more Likes, Links, & Copies as indication of what others have found useful.

    For example the Potentiometer by 'marco onthernet has 45 Links & 4 copies. It has a dozen or so electronic components.

    You could also browse the Internet for supply houses that offer CAD models of their products.

    Good luck!

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