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Inserted BOM in Drawing questions

StephenGStephenG Member Posts: 298 ✭✭✭

How does one change the justification setting for an entire BOM column? (It appears that justification can only be changed 1 cell at a time.)

How does one change BOM column titles? (I want to change "Quantity" to "QTY".)

Best Answer


  • StephenGStephenG Member Posts: 298 ✭✭✭

    @MBartlett21 Thank you. The dragging technique works as you described. Being a table I was expecting entire column and row selection to work like it does in MS Excel/Word: position the mouse cursor just above the column, or just to the right of a row until the mouse cursor icon changes to indicate a row/column event possibility.

    I should have looked in Onshape Help under Drawings->Insert BOM before posting the question. It describes multicell selections being accomplished by using the Shift-Click method.

    (Hey, I just noticed that one can now paste an image from the clipboard directly into a forum post instead of having to 1st save it to a file and use the "paste image from file" function. Wonderful)

    Regarding changing BOM column title labels... no mention in Onshape Help, Drawings->Insert BOM on how to do it. Every example of a BOM inserted into a drawing in Onshape Help and Update Announcement posts shows "QTY" instead of the default "Quantity". I just couldn't figure out where to affect the change. I vaguely remembered reading changing BOM column labels was now possible in an Update Announcement post, but I could not find the info doing a quick search of the "Change Log". I am a little disappointed that "Freeloader" users cannot change BOM column labels. It used to be there was no difference in functionality between free and paid users, with the exception of Private vs Public document limits. I understand/accept that a paid user would have access to functionality (ex. Product Teams and Release Management) which would make little sense for a single-user free account. My only complaint is that Onshape Help and Update Announcements do not denote a product capability not being available to free account users. On the other hand I am very happy with the functionality I do have access to.

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