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Copy Features out to new Document and NOT be linked to original Document?

I have a very complicated development project with a wildly extensive Feature Tree.

Multiple parts with inter-relationships for injection molding, overmolding, sheet metal fabrication and all fitting together, etc.

The client has just requested a major change and rather than trying to continue to tweak the current injection molded forms to take this major turn in the road, it would be so much easier to go back to the very early stages of the Feature Tree, and grab a dozen or so lines from that early development and copy them over to a new Document without them being linked to the earlier document so the Onshape database can not get bogged down talking to the older complex design.

Simply put, how can I grab multiple lines in my complex Feature Tree and copy them out to a new document without links back to the earlier document?

(I know I can roll my Feature bar back to the earlier point and go from there, but the complexity of how we got to the current design (that we now have to change dramatically) has that Document as a whole quite laden with relationships to multiple part studios, derives, assemblies, etc... all which helped us get to the current form for these parts. But now with all that understanding, we don't need to have all these links and associations. The concept of just starting the whole design over from the absolute 1st sketch [that I know we can copy from the current document] takes us too far back.)

I also know that I can duplicate the Part Studio and then move that to a new document. The issue here is that it brings along all of the links and references back to the original Document and maintains a slower processing in the ONshape database because it is constantly referring back to the original links. So while this last thought sounds good, in actual execution doesn't solve my problem.

Suggestions and help would be appreciated!

Thanks Y'all.


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    tim_hess427tim_hess427 Member Posts: 648 ✭✭✭✭

    It's a little unclear exactly what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. I've never had issues with copying a part studio and then deleting the stuff that's not needed. If that does indeed affect performance, its news to me. But, that would have been my first suggestion.

    My second idea would be to look at creating a branch of your current workspace, and then deleting unnecessary stuff from there.

    Third idea would be to create a new part studio, and try to copy/paste individual features from one studio to the other. However, this would likely required you to re-build references between features that you move.

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