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Project showcase site [Feature Request]

partsovenpartsoven Member Posts: 7 PRO
I really love browsing the public projects on Onshape but wish there was a more organized way to view great projects. Right now the same projects always populate the top, and it is hard to find some projects.

Stratasys aquired both GrabCAD, and Thingiverse a few years back which can be very useful, but the content on GrabCAD has become stale, and Thingiverse has lost a bit of its luster. I would love to see a dedicated site to showcase Onshape public projects. Users could add descriptions, metadata, and some images of 3d prints etc. I think this would be a really useful and cool community tool, and help grow adoption of Onshape in the maker community.


  • alnisalnis Member, Developers Posts: 425 EDU
    I would really love this! It's super fun to look at how others have made their models since I always learn something new, and it's also just nice to see what people are doing. A more organized/guided way of browsing would be really nice.

    A fast way to implement something like this would be to make a new forum category called "project showcase" or something. The infrastructure is already in place in the forum for descriptions, tagging, search, images, discussions, etc., so a dedicated category could help with reducing clutter and focusing conversations/project sharing.
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